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Evolution of a cloud native architecture

The Continuum Collective

We are a diverse group of engineers and business leaders passionate about building software.

Our thoughts on software

  • We value successful businesses over interesting code.
  • We value working software over ceremony.
  • We value people over process.
  • We believe that simple is often hard.
  • We value curiosity.
  • We value continuous learning.
  • We value non-functional requirements.
  • We have strong opinions based on our successes and failures.

We exist to enable companies to compete by building software better.

Our goal is to help software teams -

  • Deliver more value faster by learning to prioritize a backlog of small stories.
  • Move quickly and easily by learning to test and better organize software.
  • Scale productive teams by learning to design loosely coupled, highly cohesive software systems.
  • Continuously deploy production software with confidence by learning to instrument and monitor software systems.

The collective includes Michael Barinek, Austin Vance, Tyson Gern, Damien Le Berrigaud, Joey McDonald, Mike Gehard

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